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Visualizing Complexity in Hockey Data

At Vividdata Visualization we built the Hockey Complexity Visualization as a tool to discuss aspects of handling complexity. It is intentionally busy looking.It is an interactive data visualization that uses the D3.js javascript library that quickly and effectively links data to graphic elements in a web browser.Basically, this visualization shows[…]

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Data Visualization is Out of Balance, A Follow Up.

Hi and welcome. If you’re reading this because you just watched my YouTube video presentation Data Visualization is Out of Balance, thank you for your continued interest by landing here.  Or if you haven’t seen the video, you would benefit by viewing that first before reading this article.Here also is the[…]

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A data visualization is not a story.

After extensive research I’ve come to this conclusion: Across all business small to multinational, governments at all levels, regulators, and NGOs alike… What matters most, because it’s vital, is that we very effectively communicate with data, numbers, facts and empirical evidence.What’s at stake? Well it’s the quality of our corporate[…]

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Finally the Data Science of Funny

The Debaters viz is an interactive D3 force-layout data visualization.It lets you see all debate outcomes and all comedians who have ever performed on the CBC Radio program The Debaters, over its 12 year history.Vividdata Visualization made it to discuss principles in observing magnitudes and variabilities, which is part of[…]

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At this point The Message is the Medium

(Data Visualization as a Communications Technology) Let me try to change your mind about data visualization…Human communications often entail an annoyingly complex set of requirements, processes and effects. You might think you’ve got an interesting idea but without a way to communicate it to others effectively, does the idea really[…]

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Communication in/through/with Data Visualization: A Case for the Message

Generally speaking, a statement like “Here, let me make this more complicated for you” isn’t an easy sell. But, in the case of data visualization, there’s a strong argument for making our understanding of how a visualization supports effective communications, much more complicated. This article takes a high-level view of[…]

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