Visualize The Debaters

now with 2006 - 2020 data... so technically: More data-science of funny!

This interactive data visualization shows all comedians (blue circles) who have appeared on CBC Radio's The Debaters (2006 through 2020), as well as every one of their debate outcomes (red, black and grey dots).

This is best viewed on a larger screen and not optimal for smaller devices. When you first load this page if the visualization is slow to expand, then simply reload the page. Click "Explanation" below for details on how to interpret and interact with this visualization.

Understanding what each circle means- Circles are interpreted as follows.

Identifying circles- Hover your pointer over any circle to see the comedian's name or the debate's title. Debate titles also show their season and episode numbers, and the link to the opponent comedian will be highlighted.

Finding a comedian or a debate- A comedian or a debate topic can be located using the dropdown menus at the top. The corresponding circle or connecting line will then flash gold for a second before returning to normal.

Focusing on one comedian- Click on a comedian's circle to focus on that comedian, their various debates, outcomes and opponents.

Moving circles- The circles can also be clicked-on and dragged around, if you like.

Restarting the visualization- To reinitialize this visualization click the Reset button at the top.

This is an example of a D3.js Force Layout diagram. This is a prototype and is in ongoing development. Vividdata Visualization Inc. developed this to demonstrate data variability and magnitude over conventional aspects of central tendency.

This visualization is about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio comedy program The Debaters. Specifically it shows every comedian and every debate outcome over the show's 15 (i.e., updated data) seasons. Note that we're not affiliated with the CBC or The Debaters... but we like the show a lot.

Data Sources: data for first nine seasons has been compiled mostly from; other seasons are based on review and coding of episodes purchased from iTunes or available on the CBC Radio app. All data have errors. If you notice a mistake in the data please let us know. Vividdata does not warrant against any potential data errors.

I'm no pro when it comes to Javascript or D3 coding. Doing this project has greatly increased my appreciation for coding professionals. If you happen to notice something that could have been done better, please send me a note on how it could be improved.

Some have asked if there is any reason for the specific colors used. Nothing other than being strong and beautiful colors. However those with color vision deficiency may have a challenge with, e.g., grey circles. Please contact me with your feedback on this.

Thanks to Melissa M, Charles F. and Sebastian G. for feedback on an earlier iteration.

We hope you enjoy exploring this interactive visualization. Let us know what you think about it at: - contact us.

This project is by no means complete. The following enhancements are planned.