Vividdata Visualization Explores the Complexity in 2020 Season and Playoffs Hockey Data

Each hockey team has a line and each symbol on the line is a game outcome for that team.

The size of each symbol reflects the spread in the game's final score.

Hover the mouse over lines or symbols for details.

Click a line or button to select it.
Click another button to compare.
Then click that or a different button again to deselect the first.

Click a symbol to find all other games played between these two teams.

Double-click anywhere to reset the visualization.

This data visualization is intentionally busy. This busy-ness should evoke the energy and effort that the players need to qualify for the playoffs.

The complexity in this visualization is broken-down only when the visualization user interacts with the lines, symbols and buttons, by hovering or clicking.

This D3.js (v4)-based interactive data visualization was developed by Ross Waring, Vividdata Visualization Inc.

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