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Visualization Research

So why would anyone need to research the effects of any given data visualization?

The short answer: Because there are many factors impacting the odds that your data visualization is as effective as possible in conveying its key messages.

In the world of communications and message effects Visualization Research, we may measure and integrate such aspects as

  • Issue importance
  • Source credibility
  • Source/data trustworthiness
  • Communicator competence
  • Message intention
  • Message interpretation
  • Message counter-arguing
  • outcome expectation
  • Central or peripheral cognitive processing
  • Topic-based attitudes/cognitions/behaviours
  • Analytical and critical competence
  • Perceived value frame
  • In-group/out-group messaging
  • Cognitive biases and psychological effects
  • Information seeking dependency relationships
  • Data/information source identification and integrity
  • Data modifications, transformations, exclusions or declarations
  • Visualization veracity and verisimilitude

These are some of the elements that allow us to measure and prove the communication effects of data visualizations. They’re necessary to develop and deliver strong data effects research.

Visualization Research is successful when it tests an important premise or gives clear pragmatic ideas or options towards being more effective with visualizations.

Vividdata Visualization will work with you by providing research-based evidence that informs and refines your data visualization effectiveness.

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