Vividdata Visualization

Visualization Strategy

Think of Strategy as a plan to help you accomplish big things. A visualization strategy is a plan to help people see and discover big things.

If you want us to develop a visualization strategy for your organization, first we need to understand if the visualizations you intend to create, or the visualization system you intend to implement, is intended for use within your organization, external to your organization, or a combination.

Then, if your organization is serious about data visualization, the strategy has to be owned by an executive member, and any visualization research initiative must be actively sponsored at the VP level or higher.

Certainly we need to see the larger corporate strategies that the visualization strategy needs to support to assess options for implementation.

Effective strategy isn’t mysterious. It’s not alchemy, and it doesn’t need to be overly technical. It does need to be clearly and honestly written. It must be strongly based in researched and measured facts.

Great strategy might be inspirational or futuristic, but at its core it must be realistic, pragmatic and relentlessly focused on what you need to accomplish, in what order, for which explicit outcomes.

Vividdata Visualization will work with you to build a data visualization strategy that moves your organization toward effective data visualizations.

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