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Vividdata Visualization helps organizations achieve greater value from effectively communicating with data visualizations.

Data visualization, including a more specific area called visual analytics, comprises a group of technologies and techniques that allow people to explore data, then reveal and convey valuable insights otherwise obscured within generally complex data.  We help you create better data visualizations.

Currently, these visualization tools are widely used from enterprise management to scientific research, finance, health-care, government, law enforcement, journalism and advocacy, to name a few. They’re used to work with data both within organizations as well as to communicate data-based facts out to key audiences or customers.

The professional conversation about data visualization can sound daunting at times, in part because the tools are so broadly adaptable and some ideas they hinge on can be a bit abstract. But don’t let that prevent you from considering how they can benefit your organization.

A visualization’s message effects generally will have greater financial benefits when you get them “right” and, conversely, will have serious costs when you get them wrong. So it’s critically important to get the data visualization message conveyed correctly.

To be clear, our company doesn’t build visualizations for clients. We can recommend plenty of smart firms and bright people to do that.

Vividdata Visualization works with organizations to develop pragmatic, achievable strategies to become more effective with data visualizations. We also design and deliver custom primary research to ensure that visual analytics systems and approaches to data visualization convey the right messages, to the right people, at the right time.

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